Monday, August 13, 2012

outside the box...

On Friday, my E2 decided it would start to rise... on Saturday it had given up again.  Enter a new prescription for my old friend Prov.era and this cycle is down for the count.

Honestly, I'm not really upset.  I look at this cycle as a nice groundwork for this Dr to see how my body repsonds. We are back in the game after what I thought was the end so anything that happens from this point is ok in my book.

I'm really looking forward to working with this doc.  I've described him as a bit of a mad scientist.  He is willing to look at things from an outside the box perspective.  Where so many doctors seem to look at a diagnosis and automatically slip patients into a designated protocol, he is looking at us and how we respond and what our testing looks like... looking at the actual numbers and not lumping us into a particular pile just because we should fall into a certain category.

Putting Joel on Cl.omid is big in my book.  Everyone else said, "nah it's not worth it."  He says, "why not... it's not going to hurt to try."

As for me... my body has never seemed to cooperate.  I never seem to respond like I should to meds and he is trying to find the why.  What else can we try in conjunction with the standard meds to get me to respond in a way that can help us reach our goal.  I love that he isn't slapping a label on me and is looking outside the textbook answers.

Why aren't more doctors looking at the whys?  From fellow IFers and from all the offices we have visited it seems like a lot of places offer up the Cl.omid, Fe.mara, Injects, IVF assembly line.  If one doesn't work after a couple of cycles you move to the next.  It's like here's your b/w and u/s, you didn't repsond like we wanted you to... proceed to the next stop on the IF train.  You have PCOS?... Proceed to Gate 4... DOR?... Gate 7 please...   

I'm not by any means saying all doctors are like this, but enough of them are out there that I feel like it makes IF even harder for us as patients.  We truly need to advocate for ourselves to get real answers.  "Bad luck", is not answer.  Self advocation though, is a post for another day.

"The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them..."  William Bragg


Lainey-Paney said...

Good luck with your IF journey.

We're gearing up for IVF too.

I'm glad you're with a doctor whom you seem more comfortable with. I know I find comfort in our doctor saying that no two patients are the same, and that treatment plans are very individualized. He said, "We bake our cakes one at a time around here."
I think that's important. Feeling like you're on some type of IVF assembly line has got to be horrible!

Again---good luck!

A Hunter's Wife said...

We have a few things in common. I am married to a red head and currently struggling with infertility. I had a myomectomy in January to remove some rather large fibroids. We have gone through one unsuccessful round IUI, one month of a cyst on my ovary, and are currently in the 2week wait after IUI #2. Also, the fibroids have returned. We are still hopefully though and will be praying for you two as well. Have you been to ? It's a great site with others dealing with similar struggles.
Best wishes to you!