Monday, March 21, 2011

good omen...

Last Friday, we finally moved our embabies to the new clinic...

Super easy process... Pick up container from old clinic, drive in Friday rush hour traffic to new clinic, drive back thru Friday rush hour traffic to old clinic, return container :)

While the traffic sucked, the weather was beautiful and the sky looked like this...

That's gotta be a good omen right?

As for the cycle itself... a brief update:  When previously on L.upron, I was lucky to be symptom free.  This time around... not so much.  Crazy hot flashes, night sweats, and a super fun headache thrown in for good measure occassionaly made for a not so peachy me.  Thankfully, once the estro.gen patches started, the side effects went away for the most part. 

All of my monitoring appointments have been good so far.  I go for another tomorrow and then I believe my last will be on Saturday. 

FET 3/29 (8 days!!!)
Beta 4/12 (22 days!!!)
Holy shit!!!

Friday's drive brought us a block of during a local radio stations RockMarchMadness... This lyric from "Dream On" made me smile..."Dream on, dream until your dream comes true..."

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Stephanie said...

Sending thoughts and prayers for your FET tomorrow.
Stephanie W.