Thursday, February 3, 2011

on hold...

I had to cancel my cycle.  The abbreviated version is as follows...
I went two weeks ago for what supposed to be a baseline MRI of sorts.  I'm too young for mammograms, but with my family history (my momma is a bc survivor and her sister passed when she was in her 30's), the Dr wanted to be proactive.
Well of course, because I have the most awesomest luck ever,  they found something.  She's pretty sure that it is a benign mass of cells.  They tried ultrasounding it on Monday with no luck (my breasts are too dense).  My Dr. would now like to do an MRI guided biopsy. 
The earliest they can get me in is the 9th.  We tried for something sooner, but since AF showed on Tuesday, that effects when they can do the test.
So, of course this news means that we had to put the FET on hold.  Not only for obvious health reasons but also that were I to start any of the hormones they would have to delay the biopsy (for my levels to even out), and also if the mass isn't benign they could make it grow faster.
I spoke with my RE and the plan is to go back on bcp's (as long as that is ok with my other Dr).  Pending the results of the biopsy, we could get going again right away.
I'm pissed.  Yes, I know my health is what is most important.  Yes, I know that being proactive is necessary.  But seriously?  Seriously?!  Can we catch a freaking break?
Thankfully, outside of "us" we have a lot of happy going on so I don't have too much time to analyze everything.  My Dad's birthday, my parent's anniversary, and a gathering of friends and family for the superbowl will make the weekend pass with lots of laughs.
Joel, as always, is amazing and continually reminds me that we will get where we are going.  I know that.  I'm just tired of all the detours...
"Set backs are bumps in the road, they are not the end of the road..." Bob Greene