Monday, August 2, 2010


Note to self:

Do not decide to paint the bedroom that you hope will one day be the nursery when,

a) AF has arrived after a nearly 3 month hiatus
b) you have just gotten home from a baby shower
c) you have been subject to more than 3 baby announcements in the past 24 hours
d) you forgot to eat dinner
e) you aren't thrilled with the color

Meltdown will ensue - I promise.

Thank God for wonderful husbands who take notice of the impending desperation, leave silently, and return with pints of waterice to calm their lunatic wives.

I feel much better about the color of the room today and think that once all the furtniture is in place and the bedding and windows are dressed it will really come together ;)


Jess said...

Awww. Cute post. Sorry to hear about all the baby-ness in your life. That's got to be difficult. You will get through it though, and that room will be filled with a precious one soon enough!

P.S. What is waterice?

Tabitha said...

I bet it will look amazing when it all comes together...I want to see pictures!!

Sup yo. said...

-hugs- I know. I just turned our future nursery into my craft room. I STILL can't bring myself to paint in "just in case."

It's frustrating. We want to move forward with our lives but we're stuck in the "someday we'll have a baby" mode.