Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FET consult #1...

Friday afternoon we rushed out of work and made our way to Delaware to meet Dr. N for our FET consultation.  Mid afternoon, on a Friday, between Jersey and Delaware, in the middle summer is not an ideal time for travel, but the timing meant that neither of us would have to take off time from work to attend, so I didn't hesitate when the opening was available.

The drive could have been a lot worse (and the drive back was), but we made it in plenty of time only to wait... and then wait a little more.  But waiting aside, it was a great appointment.

We first met with Dr. N's assistant to review our history, and then met with Dr. N.  I really like what they had to say.  Firstly, my suspicions regarding our IVF cycle were confirmed.  I was started off at too high a dose of stims which, having PCOS, made my E2 jump.  In turn I was dropped and then eventually coasted which resulting in my loss of a lot of eggs.  While we still retrieved a good number, it probably should have been higher.  Her suggestion, should we decide to to a fresh again, would be to start at a lower dose and work me up as needed.  She would also suppress me with G.anirelix and then trigger me with Lupro.n, as another way to prevent OHSS.

In regards to the FET, she took the time to meet with their embryology department and review my records prior to sitting down with us.  We had three embies frozen on day 2 and two frozen on day 3.  While my original clinic only did three day transfers, this clinic prefers a five day transfer.  Her recommendation would be to thaw the day 2s, followed a day later by the day 3s and watch them all to day 5.  Dr. N's suggestion would then be to transfer back 1 and freeze what was still growing.  The transfer of 1 vs. 2 is something we need to think about still, but she feels pretty strongly about 1. (They have a tank that can be used for transporting our embies and it should be as "simple" as signing a thousand consents between the two offices.)

Another thing that we have to take into consideration is that they cycle everyone together.  The only problem with this is me being able to commute back and forth on their schedule as opposed to my own.  Not a huge deal, but definitely something to think about, seeing as it isn't exactly around the corner.

Something else that she gave us to consider is a study they are doing in regards to egg v.itrification.  Long story short, as part of the study our cost of a fresh cycle would be cut in half (plus the cost of meds).  If that cycle didn't result in a pregnancy then any subsequent FET's would be free.

In the meantime, she would like to do her own work-up on me including bloods, u/s, another SHG, and a 3hr g.lucose test.  We didn't schedule anything just yet as we have an appointment with another RE in Philly next week, but I really did like this Dr a lot and could understand her reasoning for her game plan.

We have so much to think over and that load will only get heavier after next week's appointment.  Honestly I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Some of it goes back to this post, where certain doubts have crept into my mind.  While in my heart I know that I want to move forward, there's that small piece of me that keeps saying well maybe all of this isn't meant to be.  I hate that.  I feel robbed.

So for now I'll continue to take each day as it is given and work through those doubts as they come.

"One day at a time, this is enough.  Do not look back and grieve for the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has yet to come.  Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering."  Ida Scott Taylor


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sounds like a great consult, but lots to think about. i'm sorry you (we) have to go through this, but i hope your dreams come true very soon.