Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bahamas Recap Part 3...

There are a lot of things we said we were going to do on this trip, but most of them didn't happen.  The lone excursion we took advantage of was a day at the Chat.n.Chill.

This day needs a little bit of background for true appreciation.  I am by no means a social butterfly.  I most definitely fit into the category of socially awkward.  I need to ease into groups and am very quiet until I get to know my bearings.  Joel, on the other hand is like the freakin mayor.  He can talk to anyone at anytime about anything.

While we had developed a great friendship with the bartender (shocker), we hadn't really gotten out there to talk to other couples for fear of my deer in headlights awkwardness.  But while chatting with said bartender one night we learned that a small group was heading on this excursion the next morning.  And of course, the more people going would help cut the cost, so he introduced us.  It was late so we didn't chat much but we agreed that we would meet them the next morning to head out.

All morning I was dreading spending the day with eight strangers but Joel managed to get me to the lobby.  The group was already there and the van arrived shortly after.  Looking at the van I was thinking that there was no way we were are all fitting and inside I was thrilled.  I stood in the doorway trying to convey such to Joel who told me I was nuts and to get my ass in.

I am so happy that we went.  The four couples that we spent the day with were awesome.  They broke down my guard in no time and the day was so much fun.  Joel even shared with them later about my desperate attempts to not go and everyone got a good laugh.

So, back to what the day was about...

The Chat.n.Chill is a bar and grill that sits about a 20 minute cab and then 10 minute water taxi ride away from the resort.

The island it finds its home on doesn't contain much else...
Inside the ceiling is covered with tokens (mostly t-shirts) signed and left behind from visitors.
(Some of our favorite finds were a Jersey license plate stating pmpn8ez, another stamped with jersey grl, and a Phillies Ashburn t-shirt)

We explored the beach, lounged in the water, and laughed the day away.

The break from the resort was great and finding such awesome people that we clicked with made the rest of our week more fun than we could have asked for.

I'll have three more posts for you shortly.  One will be a picture post, one will be a review of the resort and the other will be a review of some of the products that came along for the trip...

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Laura said...

I am glad you went along and happy to hear you had GREAT fun!! I am the same, D is the outgoing type who cannot get enough of people and me, I am the one that observes but hardly participates! It's a good combo and it works... I could never be with someone like me as I need encouragement!