Monday, May 31, 2010

Bahamas Recap Part 2...

Rather than give a play by play of our daily activities, I figure it would be better to give a general idea of the goings on of our trip.  But, I will start things off with our greeting...  Champagne and a cold towel greeted us as we entered the resort.  From the lobby there is an amazing view of the main pool with the ocean as a backdrop.  Check-in took a few minutes and then we were ushered to our room with a brief resort tour/tutorial along the way.

Most of the buildings are three floors and the view from our 3rd floor room was nothing short of amazing.
The view of the ocean was beautiful.

View of the quiet pool.

One of the many lounge areas.

Not having to share a beach was pretty awesome.  While there were plenty of chairs, I do wish there were more umbrellas/huts.  I could lay on the beach all day,  but this irish girl needs a dosage of shade here and there so as not to be burned to a crisp.  Yes, I rocked spf50 every day, but that still doesn't give me the ok to take in the rays unfiltered all day.  

And while we only saw a mere thrirty seconds of a mist of rain, the wind on some days did make the beach a ghost town.

On those days, we lounged under a cabana at the quiet pool...

Or sipped drinks at the main pool...

If you haven't caught on yet, relaxation was the name of the game for this trip.  We wanted to not have to worry about a single thing and that was definitely achieved here.  The biggest worry all week was when we should get our asses up and make our way back to the room for showers and dinner.

After eating, most nights we made our way to the Drunken Duck which is the resort's pub.  Great music inside, live entertainment outside, awesome bartenders, and endless drinks are certainly nothing to complain about.  The food we brought back to our room each night wasn't what my waistline needed, but who the hell cares :)  

More coming soon...

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Man... that sounds like a heavenly trip! So jealous!