Monday, May 24, 2010

Bahamas Recap Part 1...

While typing this post out yesterday, my internet dropped and I didn't have the patience to play round with it.  So I finished typing this morning and will add the rest of the pics later (ETA: pics are up):
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I don't know if I ever discussed this before, but mornings and I are not the best of friends.  I am much more of  a night owl.  So, when we booked our trip and realized that our flight was at 6am I knew it was going to be in an interesting morning.

After work on Friday I still had some errands to run before I could go home and finish my packing and list checking.  And before I could complete some of those errands, we had to stop and see Miss Leah and wish her a very happy first birthday.  We were sad to be missing her party the next day, but were so happy to be be able to see her and give her our gifts on her actual birthday.  After leaving there we still wanted to stop and see each of our moms and wish them a happy Mother's Day since we wouldn't be ale to spend the actual day with them.  So, by the time all was said and done, it was pretty close to 11pm.

I ended up taking what we will justify as a nap.  Seriously.  I packed, checked my list, showered, napped for about 45 minutes and then got moving again.  How I was able to function for the entire day is beyond me, but we'll go with the excitement of getting away.

Our flight from Philly to Miami was easy and uneventful.  Our over five hour layover in Miami blew.  There is nothing to do in that airport, no fun shops, no fun restaurants, nothing.  After wandering aimlessly for awhile we decided to give up searching for something to help with the time.  Napping was also out of the question, but my laptop was a lifesaver.  We found a corner and watched a movie.  Then we found our way to our terminal and waited out the remainder of the layover there.

While I jumped out of a tin can when I skydived a few years ago, this was Joel's first time on a small plane.  It was a quick flight, just over an hour, but we were seated right on the propeller so it was a bit of a noisy ride.
But, my God, was the view amazing!

Landind at the Exuma/Georgetown Aiport was a little comical.  To say it was small is saying a lot.  The plane had to do a u-turn at the end of the runway to complete our landing kind of small.  Baggage claim was a half garage door where bags were tossed in kind of small. 

Side note:  While waiting to go through customs, I decided to make a stop in the ladies room.  AF decided this was the perefct time to make an appearance.  Mother.F'er.  I mean seriously?  Do I have awesome luck or what?  But we were in the Bahamas!  And I wasn't going to let this ruin anything! 

Sandal.s provides transporation as part of their package, but our TA arranged for a specific driver to take care of us.  Dr. K was pretty cool.  He gave us a tour of the island, told us where to check out, and talked about some of the local lore.  It was a quick ride, but having him share the island with us made us even more excited about our stay...

I'll leave this recap here and be back with the dish on the resort hopefully later tonight :)


Laura said...

I am sorry Af showed up right at the start of your holiday but I am glad to hear that you didn't let her ruin your vacation! What an amazing view to land to!! Incredible and I look forward to the rest of your holiday!!!

christine said...

Beautiful pictures! And, AF always seems to show up when it is most inconvenient!

ICLW #81

Anonymous said...


Baby On Mind said...

Ah.... the Bahamas... so jealous!

junebug said...

Sounds so wonderful so far. Except AF of course. Mine showed up during my week in London so I totally get her bad timing. I've never been to the Bahamas so I look forward to hearing about it.

Di said...

Oh so jealous. The Bahamas sound divine right now!