Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Follie Scan...

This morning was my first follie scan.  The tech didn't offer up too much info other than I have a "ton" of follies.  The biggest are measuring around 6 or 7.

The nurse just called with my blood results and went way too quick for me to ask any questions:
E2: (465)
P4: (0.9)
LH: (9)
FSH: (9)
She said to continue on 5units of lupron and 150IU of bravelle but to decrease to 75IU of menupor.

I go in on Saturday for my next scan.


[cre] said...

What day of your cycle are you?
I just had a follie scan on Tues (cd12 for me) and had several but the biggest was 14.3mm and my e2 was only 60.1 and my FSH was 8.5taken on cd10... I don't know much about what the bloodwork means.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'll grow some more! Your E2 number is looking really good!

Erin said...

I hate when the nurses scamper off the phone in a hurry. Sometimes I have questions!

AplusB said...

Sorry the appt. was so quick, but sounds like things are progressing!

Shanny said...

Can't wait for Saturday's update!
I have the same thing: tons of snall follies. We need them to show us what they can do! GL.

Wishing 4 One said...

Sounds like you (and your follies) are on the right track girl. Can't wait to read all about great things your follies will do soon. Wishing you the best this cycle. Happy iclw.

Anonymous said...

OoOo keeping everything crossed that your follies do what they're supposed to!!