Monday, January 25, 2010


After 7 nights of stims, here's where we stand...

Still looking like "a lot" of follicles.  The lead is a 15 and the others aren't too far behind.  Seems like the majority are 12s with some 11,13,14s mixed in.

As for bloods:
E2: (1485)
P4: (1.3)
LH: (3)
FSH: (5)

Dr B is afraid of over-stimming me so I was told to not take any stims tonight but to continue with the 5 units of Lupron in the am and to come back tomorrow for repeat u/s and b/w. 

Does anyone have any experience with coasting?  I don't know why, but it makes me nervous.

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Shanny said...

I'm jealous! I wish I was coasting too, my follies are hard-headed and wont grow fast enough. I think you are fine, many women have coasted and gotten their BFP =)