Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Catch up...

Today's scan showed a few lead follies at around 17 and there are a bunch of smaller guys that are trying to catch up.

E2: (1215)
P4: (1.6)
LH: (11)
FSH: (4)

I'll be adding back in 75IU of bravelle and menopur tonight, sticking with the 5 units of lupron in the am and going back for another u/s and more b/w tomorrow.

I asked for a guesstimate of when I would be triggering and she said it could be Thursday with retrieval Saturday, but of course we won't know until tomorrow's results are in.

So, now I'm sitting in my office with my pants un-buttoned, praying no one walks in.  I was fine all morning but this afternoon the bloat came out of no where.  I'm thinking some comfy pants may be in order for the next few days if this keeps up.


Shanny said...

This stimming gives you some serious bloat, no joke! GL tomorrow =)

T Lee said...

Hah, oh, the bloat. Mine was around for about a week (5days before, and 2 after retrieval)- so yay for holding out this long, lol.
Good luck with your cycle!!!


Serendipity said...

Best of luck for your visit tomorrow and the rest of this cycle. I hope the stims bloat doesn't stick around too long for you!