Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Injects Class..

I just got off the phone with the ivf nurse and we are officially scheduled for our injects class.  Next Monday at 2 we will learn the ins and outs of shooting me up.  I will be doing the Long Lupron Protocol with Bravelle and Menopur.  My box of meds has been sitting patiently at home waiting to be put to use.

Mr is getting a major kick out of this.  He thinks its hysterical that he gets to "stab me in the ass."  Sweet isnt he? 

For the first few shots I'm thinking I will definitely want his assistance.  But I am hoping that after the initial shock of having to stick my body with several needles a day, I will be able to administer them myself without any problems.

I am looking forward to the class as it is another step towards making our dreams a reality :)


Jin'sWifey said...

GL! I never thought i would be able to inject myself but i found myself having to do it once b/c Jin was away on business..It really wasn't too bad i promise! I know you can do it! Many prayers coming your way!

Shanny said...

I start next Monday with my first injections, Yikes!
Good luck to you.... and to me.. I'm freaked out a bit about having to inject myself, my husband chickened out on me =(
Love that your Mr is getting a kick ot of it!