Friday, December 18, 2009

Gift giving..

Christmas was always such a happy time growing up and I think my parents love for the holiday really rubbed off on me.  Christmas music was always playing... my moms decorating is magazine worthy... the cookies and food... the wonder of it all! 

And thinking of all those happy moments has really helped me keep my head up this holiday season.  I have been driving Mr nuts with my endless Christmas music collection... our tree was up extra early... and the gifts that have already been purchased are wrapped and waiting under the tree.

I LOVE gift giving! I love finding the perfect something for those special someones in our lives and seeing their joy when they open said gifts makes me giddy.  And wrapping - I love that too! Pretty paper, fancy ribbon, fun!  Yes, I am a dork

I take it upon myself to do all of the shopping for Mr and myself (he gets frustrated too easily). I buy for both familes and he, well... he just has to buy for me.  Now, One would think that buying for one person would be a whole lot easier than buying for two whole familes... but sadly, One would be wrong.  He usually repeatedly asks what I would want, and I tell him I really don't care (because I honestly don't) and that he can figure something out on his own.

So, imagine my surprise when this morning he sends me an excited text that he found my Christmas gift!  I haven't made any suggestions, my man-child did it all on his own!

We were going to do a small Christmas this year.  With the cycle drawing near and talks of planning a vacation, we thought it best to keep it small.  But aparently he changed his mind.  I assumed that since it was a "larger" gift that it would be for both of us, but he swears its just for me... 

So now, I am going nuts trying to figure out what it could possibly be!  I don't do well with surprises... well I love surprises but not the kind that you know are coming... does that make sense? 

Well, I'm off to finish our shopping!  Wish me luck - I know its going to be nuts out there :)

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