Monday, November 2, 2009


... it sure does fly by.

The Mr and I met in the summer.  I was just 17, he was 20... I had just graduated high school, he was living up the college life.  But, from the instant we met, it all just kind of clicked, different lives heading in opposite directions and yet we knew, even at that young age that we were meant to be.

This time of year always makes me look back and smile.  We have come a long way over the past ten years.  Together we have learned to love, learned to grow, learned to live...  The road has been less than easy for the two of us, but we have managed to find the way together.

My smiles for this time of year stem mainly from the celebration of my love's birthday and also for the anniversary of our engagement.  Now, I know that most people do not dwell on anniversary's such as these, but for me these two events go hand in hand.

We live just outside of Philly and always enjoy ourselves when make the trip over the bridge.  I love visiting the historic sites... they fascinate me and I never get bored.  So, two years ago we decided to celebrate Mr's birthday in the city.  We did the touristy thing in Olde City all day, shopped in Center City and relaxed over an amazing meal at one of our favorite restaurants.

After dinner, Mr suggested a walk around Penns Landing to end the night.  I thought his was a horrible idea... I was tired and full and thought going home was a much better option... but he insisted so off we went.  The water there at night is beautiful to watch and the Philadelphia skyline provides the perfect back-drop.  We walked for awhile and then stopped to take it all in.  After a bit, Mr turned to me and uttered the words that forever changed our lives...

Him: "Well, it's about that time..."
Me:  "Time for what?"
Him:  "You know, its time..."
Me:  "What the hell are you talking about?"

Finally, he got down on one knee (oooh, time for that) and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.  When I finally caught my breath I of course said YES!  Our families were waiting to help us celebrate the engagement that was eight years in the making.  We laughed, I cried, and I admit that at one point I threw-up from all the excitement.

Mr's birthday will forever remind me of the night we got engaged and he will never live down his big-question opening line.  This year, re-telling the story brought me the smile that has been doing more and more hiding lately.  I enjoy sharing our engagement story with others... the reactions are always fun to watch/hear... and sharing a smile is always a good thing :)

So with that, Happy Birthday Love... I love you and I wouldn't trade our story for any other...


The Jerseymooners said...

Great story! Happy Birthday to your hubby.

Stephanie said...

Awww, that is a cute story.