Saturday, October 31, 2009


I had a woman suggest Natural Family Planning to me today.

I stood there in shock, speechless and unable to dish out the throat-punch that rested on the tips of my knuckles.

My sil's mother took it upon herself to grill me about our baby-making efforts today.  I tried to kindly answer her questions that yes, we are trying... no, we aren't pregnant yet... but she lost me when she started offering up advice... and NFP to boot.

Trust me lady, while I would like nothing more than to have some good old-fashioned sex on CD14 and get knocked up as a result... it just isn't going to happen.

If you would kindly stfu and keep your dark-age advice to yourself, we would all be better off.

ETA:  My anger towards this advice has much more to do with the suggester rather than the suggestion.  My vent isn't about NFP and that is how it came across :)  This woman has been told on more than one occasion, by myself and her daughter, of our troubles and she still just doesn't get it. 


amybyrd said...

I know your TTC journey has been rough and filled with obstacles that other people don't face. But NFP is not just having sex on the 14th day of your cycle--its all the stuff you would chart on Fertility Friend--temp, CM, etc and all the stuff in Taking Charge of your Fertility. Saying that it is Dark Ages is not quite right it has that reputation because of religion but it is what most doctors recommend when you are TTC. This doesn't excuse her comment because she probably doesn't know your situation and how much it has affected you. I just know that a lot of people do NFP without knowing they are doing it to help them conceive.

jlynn said...

Oh, I understand that... trust me!

I 100% believe in temping and charting, and know that there is much more to NFP.

It was her concept that NFP was as simple as a 28 day cycle, that has me labeling her as living in the dark ages.

It has much more to do with the suggester as opposed to the suggestion if you know what I mean?... Re-reading my post I can see how that didn't come across properly :)

etta said...

Some people are insensitive. These are the same people who insist that mental illness is made up and that everything can be cured with vitamins or a good swat. Good for all of those people that NFP worked for. It's not good for everyone. At what point can you tell her to shove it?