Friday, August 7, 2009

Mock Transfer...

One of the final steps before we actually begin our IVF cycle is to have a Mock Transfer. Basically, this is where the RE inserts a tiny catheter into the uterus to to measure its depth and direction. This is done so that when the actual transfer is performed, there are no surprises.

So, I scheduled my mock for yesterday. The procedure required no prep which was great. In doing some online research (google can be your best friend and your worst enemy!) I found that many places suggest a full bladder to assist with the test. So, even though my RE didn't require it, I drank a little extra water yesterday :)

The procedure itself was very quick and the Dr and nurse were extremely kind. The Dr did say that having a full bladder allowed her to find the path easier and she was able to complete it faster as well. I had slight cramping that lasted only seconds and overall the discomfort was very minimal.

She said everything looks good and we are free to proceed with IVF whenever we are ready! We are hoping to get this show on the road sometime in September or October... wow... the butterflies have officially invaded my belly!

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