Sunday, August 30, 2009

How'd we get here... Part Three

So with the latest crappy results, Doc called us in for another consult.

After looking over all of the tests that had been completed on the two of us and monitoring me through a full cycle, we were told that our best option to help us conceive was IVF with ICSI.

To say that this was shocking news would be a major understatement.

Of course we asked if there were any other options. Doc said that we could try an IUI but the chances of it working were only marginally better than simply trying on our own. We asked if we should see a urologist... maybe there was some kind of medication or procedure or something???... She said again that the odds were against us but gave us the name of a few urologists that specialize in MFI.

We made an appointment right away. The urologist informed us that part of the issue probably stemmed from a surgery and injury that DH sustained as a kid... but that part of the issue was just basically bad luck. After more tests (of course), the diagnosis is what it is. A special fertility vitamin was recommended - we figured it was worth a try - after all it couldn't hurt anything at this point...

So thats where we stand... onto IVF...

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