Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How'd we get here... Part One

We are young. We have only been married a little over a year. So how we wound up on IVF's doorstep has to make some people scrath their heads. Trust me - I still scratch mine in bewilderment most days.

Well... it started before we even met to be honest. We both have conditions that will make having a baby the natural way very difficult - but neither of us knew.

From the start I just had a feeling. A feeling that it was either going to happen right away or that their would be some kind of complication. No in between - either crazy easy or stupid tough. After a few months with no luck I picked up Taking Charge of Your Fertility under the advice of a friend. All I can say is wow - its amazing how little we are taught about our bodies. This book helped me in so many ways.

I have always had irregular cycles but had never thought anything of it. It was great not getting my period for months at a time. After reading the book I began to chart my cycles and realized that my cycles were so long because I wasn't ovulating on my own. And well, if you aren't ovulating then its pretty damn hard to get pregnant. I decided to call my obgyn for a wellness check and to talk about being anovulatory and about trying to conceive (TTC).

After meeting with the Dr. and showing him my charts he decided that it would be in my best interest to try the fertility drug Clomid to help make me ovulate. Dr. also recommended that my husband have a semen analysis (SA) to ensure there wasn't something else preventing us from getting pregnant. He gave us our scripts, told me to call on a certain day of my cycle, and sent us on our way.

I am a researcher my nature and it is also engrained in me as part of my schooling so I looked into Clomid the second we walked into the door.

And that my friends is when our world became something new...

(ETA: I highly recommend TCOYF... its a great source for understanding your body and charting can be used to aid in getting pregnant as well as preventing pregnancy the natural way.)

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